Electronic barter market of fungible values

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“Olivier Chaussavoine, (2012), Electronic barter market of fungible values, World Economics Association (WEA) Conferences, No. 3 2012, Rethinking Financial Markets, 1st November to 31st December, 2012”

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The model openBarter defines an central limit order book allowing cyclic exchanges between more than two partners (buyer and seller) in a single transaction. It does not require any central monetary standard to perform competition between orders. The model provides a liquidity nearly equivalent to that of a regular market when the diversity of qualities is not too large.

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  • chaussavoine says:

    By measuring values exchanged using only their quantities, the competition between order does not require any monetary reference or price, allowing the development of market instruments that are independent of financial markets.

    The complexity of natural environment (biodiversity, GHG, watershed, etc. ) requires the definition of quotas in order to integrate these values in the market.

    It would be unsafe to build the vital environmental regulation exclusively on a finance system that a crisis could disconnect from the real economy. Multiplying the diversity of quotas controlled by a financial mechanism would also divide the efficiency of each quota. It is for the same reason that the diversity of GHG gas spices has been assimilated to an abstract CO2 unit.

    Using barter, the multidimensional nature of values provides a mean to define for each dimension a quota and to share it in a market economy.